Service Times


  • Bible classes for all ages at 9:00 a.m.
  • Worship at 10:15 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall
  • Worship at 10:15 a.m. in the Auditorium
  • Worship with Iglesia at 10:15 in the Chapel
  • Worship at 5 p.m. in the Chapel


  • Devotional at 3 p.m. in the Chapel
  • Bible classes for all ages at 6:30 p.m.

Hours of Operation

Church Office:

  • Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Community Life Center:

  • Walking Track
    • 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Mondays & Thursdays
    • 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Coffee House
    • 8 a.m. – Noon, Monday through Friday


1106 Colonial Road, Memphis, TN 38117

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Church Office & CLC Closure

As the church office and Community Life Center remains closed, were are available to a assist you in any way possible. Contact us at or 901-761-2007 and let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions. Prepackaged communion wafer and juice sets are still available Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  *Call 761-2007 to arrange a pick up time.

Church Directory

The church directory and the My Church app are temporarily out of service. We are in the process of converting to another church management system and should have the directory and a different church app available soon. If you need assistance, please call the church office 901-761-2007. 

Sign up for Worship on Sunday, March 7th

Join us for in-person worship services each week at 9:30 a.m. (contemporary service) and 11:00 a.m. (traditional service). Both services will be live-streamed for those who prefer to worship at home. You can find more details about each service here.

We are requiring that all attendees of an in-person service pre-register since spaces are limited due to physical distancing. You may register for Sunday, March 7th at the links below. Please remember to only sign up for one spot unless your family unit plans to sit in more than one pew.

*Register for the 9:30 a.m. (contemporary) service here.

*Register for the 11:00 a.m. (traditional) service here.

As we continue to love each other and our neighbor, we require that everyone attending an in-person worship gathering wear a mask and respect physical distancing of at least 6 feet. Keeping each other safe is very important to us. We hope that you and your family choose to join us for worship on Sundays at 9:30, 11:00, or online as we gather to worship.

How Shall the Church Secure Young Hearts?

The facts are really alarming. Most younger people are not interested in church or organized religion. Some have never been exposed to it, while many of those who were raised in it are exiting the sanctuary immediately after crossing the stage at their high school graduation. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 70% of Americans under 40 will not attend more than a few religious services in a year. There is a meteoric rise of “nones,” people who profess no particular religious persuasion. We’ve known for a while that Americans in Generation Z (born since 1996) could not  imagine a world without smartphones or WiFi. But it turns out that they are perfectly fine imagining a world without Bibles or Qurans.

This is not to say that Generation Z is at fault or that they are the problem. They are a highly educated, ethnically-diverse population with a profound sense of justice and social openness. And in their defense, many of the churches that raised them didn’t seem terribly interested in keeping them. Many churches offered Atari answers to TikTok questions. Who knows how many pedantic doctrinal debates preoccupied church leaders while youth group alumni drifted for the exits? But no matter who is at fault or who is to blame, the fact remains: many churches have about as many people in their 20s as a game of Bridge on an Alaskan cruise. 

This is unacceptable. God’s vision for the kingdom is one where old and young participate together. In some cases, older people lead the younger (Titus 2). In other cases, sons and daughters prophesy (Acts 2:17); younger people set an example to their elders (1 Tim. 4:12). 

There are two questions a church should always ask: are we reaching all nations (Mt. 28:19-20) and are we reaching all generations (Eph. 3:20-21)?  If our faith is inaccessible and irrelevant to people in their 20s, we need to make changes. Many of the characters in the Bible would be considered Millennials and Gen Z by our standards. The Old Testament often portrays leaders in their youth: David, Esther, Jeremiah, Ruth, and Daniel. John the Baptist started a revolution in his 20s. Jesus died at 33. The Bible is an intergenerational book, so the church should be no different. 

This is one reason I’m so excited that we’ve brought on Isaac Davis as our Young Adult Ministry Apprentice. Isaac is a high energy leader who brings an incredible relational IQ to our ministry team. His mission in this role will be to build spiritual friendships with people in their 20s, both at White Station and beyond. He will lead and teach in a way that offers spiritual community to those who may have never found belonging in a church or who left their last one in disappointment and despair. These friendships will hopefully lead those in his age cohort to consider what it means to join God’s kingdom work in Memphis. 

Please pray for Isaac’s work. Pray for WS members in their 20s, whether they live here or elsewhere. And please pray for every person in this city who is looking for God, but might not know where to look. Pray that God will lead them to us. And pray that God will lead us to them.

Bob Turner
Senior Minister
March 1, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines Update

Currently the Health Department is vaccinating first responders and health care workers listed in Phases 1a1 and 1a2, 1b funeral/mortuary workers and all persons age 65+.

Please check the COVID-19 website: for daily updates or call 901-222-SHOT for more information. 

Additionally, the Shelby County Health Department receives limited quantities of COVID-19 vaccines from the State of Tennessee on a periodic basis. As such, there is no surplus of vaccine supply at this time. In the coming weeks and as larger vaccine quantities become available, they will offer surplus supply to individuals who join the Shelby County VaxQueue. For further information on this, click here.


*Kathy Wright Lewis, wife of Dr John R Lewis (who grew up in the COCWS Congregation) & daughter-in-law of Dr Jack P Lewis, died on Tuesday, February 18, 2021.  A celebration of her life on Sunday, March 14, at 3:00 PM EST both online (WECOC.ORG) & in person (West End Church of Christ, Knoxville, TN). We especially ask for your participation. Tributes to or stories about Kathy can be submitted as video or audio files (upload to or text files (email to Please include your name & where you knew Kathy in any materials that you submit. Thank you for your participation. 

*We express sympathy to Ronnie Biggs (CLC Mbr) upon the passing of her mother, Joyce Clark, on Sunday, February 28. Arrangements are incomplete at this time.
*Cards may be sent to Ms. Ronnie Biggs at 1960 N. Parkway #410, Memphis, TN 38112

We extend our condolences to Robert Sneed (former member) on the passing of his wife, Laura Sneed on March 1. Arrangements are pending. Let's keep Robert and his family in our prayers.
 * Robert Sneed 11538 Aruba Dr Pensacola, FL 32506

We extend sympathy to former WS member, Freddie Strange on the passing of his brother, Larry Strange, age 82 on Saturday, February 27.  His service was Sunday at the Campbell Street Church of Christ in Jackson, TN.  Larry leaves his wife and three daughters. Remember the Strange family in your prayers. 

Prayer Request SCS Reopening

Prayers are requested for Shelby County School students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents regarding schools reopening and virtual learning. SK - 5th grades returned to in-person learning on Monday, March 1st, and 6th - 12th graders return to class on Monday, March 8th.

Prayers for Those in the Hospital & Rehab

 Please pray for those of our members that are currently in nursing homes or rehab facilities.

Pray For Our Church Family

*Lucy Alexander (Charis)  Progressing well. She thanks all for lifting her up in prayer.
*Valerie Clements
(Charis) Continued prayers are appreciated.

Dot Dorsey (Joint Heirs) Let's shower Dot with LOVE as she celebrates her 102nd birthday on March 13!
Her address is: Town Village Audubon Park 950 Cherry Rd Apt 223 Memphis TN 38117
Danny Flatt (Joint Heirs) Please pray that he continues to grow stronger and stronger, that his hip pain will lessen, and that out-patient therapies will help him walk better. 
*Anita Goode (Lifesavers) Continuing physical therapy. Thankful for your continued prayers. 
Mike Hamm (Cornerstone) surgery went well. He's home recuperating. Prayers requested for continued healing & pain relief.
*Janice Harper
(Lifesavers) Surgery was successful. Thank you very much for all your prayers.

Jan Newman Cataract surgery went well yesterday. She's recovering at home and is thankful for prayers.
Sandy Oster
(Lifesavers) She saw the surgeon Monday and things are progressing well. Her voice is slowly beginning to get stronger. She and Rick are very grateful for the prayers.  
*Herbert & Margaret Parson (Joint Heirs) Thankful for continued prayers for health issues & pain relief. 

Michael Semore (Joint Heirs) Pray that God will bring peace & comfort to Michael and the family as they mourn the passing of Melanie.
Lucy Treanor (HOPE) will be evaluated each month to determine if dialysis is needed. Prayers requested. 
Vicki Vandiveer. Prayers requested for complete healing from a fall last week.

Glenn Wall (Joint Heirs) Janice reports Glenn is under hospice care in their apt at Kirby Pines. Prayers are requested. 3535 Kirby Rd Apt J402 Memphis 38115
Teena Williams (Lifesavers) She is very thankful that her biopsies were negative. Teena gives thanks to God and praise Him for all the progress and blessings she and her family have received.

Pray for Our Family and Friends

*Sam Alexander, son of Lucy Alexander (Charis) Please continue prayers for health issues. 
*L.C. Burditt
 (father of Daphne Logan) Showing some improvement. Please continue prayers.
*Sheila Cason, cousin of Vayna & Valerie Clements (Charis) Remains on hospice care at home. Please continue prayers for peace.

Kimberly Davis, niece of Jessi Sanders. Requests prayers for upcoming surgery next week.
Bill Dorsey,
 son of longtime member, Dot Dorsey (Joint Heirs) Pray for his continued recovery.

Jim Fox, brother-in-law of Scott Herren (Joint Heirs) Physical therapy is going well.
Debbie Hepler, sister of Brad Barber (Cornerstone), will have brain surgery in Memphis on Tuesday, March 9, to address Parkinson’s.

Larry Jene, son of Tomyris Jene (Lifesavers) Prayers requested for serious health issues.
*Karen Johnson, aunt of Valerie & Vayna Clements. Showing improvement & starts physical therapy soon. Please continue prayers for healing & for peace as her only child (Sheila Cason) is on hospice care.
*Norma Keldesen, relative of Valerie & Vayna Clements, Some improvement. Please continue prayers of healing.

Gary Kenley (former member) Nerve block this morning. Prayers that it will provide pain relief. 
Remona Kimbrough
sister of Teena Williams (Lifesavers) is in assisted living facility in Jackson, MS & is slowly improving. Teena requests prayers for her healing. 
David Kimmel, 
Judy Kimmel's brother & Jeri's son: Pray as he continues to heal from liver transplant.
Gregg Knowles,
 brother in law of Laine Gray (Journey) Prayers as he continues to recover from brain surgery and that he will not have to continue radiation treatments. 
John Lewis III, grandson of Lucy Treanor (HOPE) prayers requested for his health & daily challenges.
Diane Love, is now receiving chemo. Your continued prayers are requested. 
Emily Lowe, David Scott’s sister, is in remission from breast cancer, but now diagnosed with Parkinson's disease & her husband & son both are being treated for cancer. Prayers are requested. 
Mary Margaret Lloyd, oldest daughter of Mike & Patty Crittenden (Lifesavers) Pray for continued strength, courage, comfort & peace for her & her family
Blake Olive,
 11 year old grandson of Cheryl Russell's cousin (Lifesavers). Blake is showing a lot of improvement even going outside to play. Keeping him on meds for 4 months & then will recheck. 

Savannah Parson, daughter of Herbert and Margaret Parson (Joint Heirs) is now in a rehab facility. 
Kevin Plemons, cousin in law to Susan Owings (Faith Walk). Praise God the cancer treatments were not interrupted by the weather. Although his is very tired, Kevin is doing well. The last treatment is scheduled for 3/9/21. The family is grateful for your prayers.
*Rodney Plunket would like to thank everyone for their prayers. The scan was clear. "Woo Hoo!"
Katie Richmond, sister of Valerie Richmond (HOPE) Pray for endurance to learn to walk again.  

Raymond & Gerri Tart, sister and brother-in-law of Teena Williams (Lifesavers) are feeling much better.  
Philip and Sharon Tines, son and daughter in-law of Faye Tines. Continue prayers for healing. 
Avis Turner, Shelby Turner's grandmother, Recovering at home with her arm is in a sling. 
*Shelby Turner, granddaughter of Harry and Nancy Seratt (Lifesavers) 3.5 hr IVIg treatments started this morning & will occur over the next 3 days. Additionally, she will now have portable oxygen which hopefully will help get her back into therapy. Please also, remember her parents, Claire and Jeff in your prayers. 
Janet Whitworth, Prayers for her health and memory concerns. 
Carolyn Williams (former member) She is in hospice care at her home in Cody, WY. The doctors give her one to two months. Prayers for her and her family. 

Cristopher Williams, son of Teena Williams (Lifesavers) Prayers as he continues hyperbaric therapy.
Kim Wilson, friend of Vivian Herren (Joint Heirs) Now receiving in home care for several health concerns & continuing to recover from a series of strokes. Requesting prayers.  
*Donna Youngblood, cousin of Peggy Haguewood (Joint Heirs) is in St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville Covid Unit. Now stable & has a Pic Line for meds. Prayers requested for healing and other health concerns. 
Richard Youngblood, Cousin of Peggy Haguewood (Joint Heirs) admitted to Covid Unit lastnight (3/02) & to monitor his other health concerns. Requesting prayers.